A membership site that will give you all the tools you need for your private medical practice.

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Medicine is a business. And to effectively run your business you need to actively manage it.

 It really isn’t something that you set up and ignore.

Are you a physician who wants to: 

  • Improve the efficiency of your practice
  • Maximize your revenue
  • Learn the best practices for managing your staff
  • Grow your practice
  • Scale your practice by adding providers, satellite offices and additional revenue streams

Then this program is for you. 

Here's what you'll get from the membership ...

  • Live group coaching call to address your specific questions
  • Trainings on every aspect of how to best run your medical practice
  • Actionable templates, processes and swipes for you to implement in YOUR practice today
  • Monthly Special Guest Speakers or Laser Coaching Hot Seat Sessions
  • Earn 3-5 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits (36-60 CMEs/year)
  • And A Thriving Private Facebook Community!
Let Me Know When The Doors Open

Here's are just some of the tools you'll find inside the membership: 

  • Sample Profit and Loss Statement
  • Sample Employee Handbook
  • Sample Compliance Manual
  • Sample Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Insurance Contract Tracker
  • Sample Insurance Negotiation Letter
  • Referral Tracker
  • Sample Financial Projections
  • HIPAA Forms, Checklists, Trainings
  • New Patient Packet
  • Sample Financial Policy
  • Sample Credit Card on File Policy
  • Sample Physician Employment Contract
  • Sample Operating Agreement
  • Job Descriptions
  • Organizational Chart
  • and more

Your Success Journey

As you become a member, you'll learn the steps on your journey on private practice. These are the same steps I used to build multiple 7 and 8 figure medical businesses.

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  • This will ensure that you have the processes in place to run the most efficient and profitable practice. We will cover everything from business structure, types of insurance you need, space requirements, when to buy or lease space, outfitting your office, determining staffing needs, developing processes for every task in your practice and more.
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  • You’ll learn how to analyze your monthly practice management reports to maximize your revenue cycle and profit by making informed decisions. Some of the topics we’ll cover include insurance contracts and (re)negotiations, fee schedules, maximizing your payor mix, deciding whether (and when) to be in-network/out-of-network/cash pay.

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  • Managing your staff is key to having the best run, most profitable practice. Some of the things we will cover include human resources policies, compliance, employee training, job descriptions and employee salaries/benefits/bonuses.
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  • You will learn how to increase your patient base of the patients YOU want to attract. We’ll cover how to gain referrals from other physicians as well as direct marketing to patients without breaking the bank.
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  • You will master the ability to scale your practice by adding additional providers, satellite offices and related revenue streams so you can work less, help more people and earn more.
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Your Instructor, Dr. Weitz

After my anesthesia residency and pain management fellowship at UCSF, I stayed on faculty for 5 years. But between the pay cuts and the high cost of living, it became apparent that something needed to change. 

We moved to Louisiana and I joined an anesthesia group that said they needed a pain management specialist. It didn't take me long to figure out that our objectives were not aligned. So I decided to take the leap and start my own practice. 

My practice grew to 11 providers. I built a 25,000 sq ft medical office building. And then added multiple services and businesses including a multispecialty ambulatory surgery center, anesthesia company, PT, Imaging Center, psychological services, lab services and more.

Since selling my medical businesses and retiring with 8 figures, I am teaching other physicians how to achieve their own financial success.

Let Me Know When The Doors Open
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"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sandy as she has helped me implement so many things with my growing practice! From breaking down my demographics and determining how many patients have insurance, guiding me through the contracting and credentialing process to helping me make the right decision about hiring another physician! Hands down I look forward to our calls and can’t wait to update her on my progress. I’m not sure I can quantify our relationship, but her tips have saved me so many hours of time and her ability to help me negotiate my time and money are invaluable. I just signed up for another consulting package because I love the direction my practice is going. The confidence I have gained after working Sandy is priceless. You will not regret working with her!"  

~Jennifer Breedlove MD

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"I am so happy that I found Sandy through her podcast! She has an amazing breadth of knowledge on acquiring or building a medical practice from scratch. I have been in the process of opening my own practice. Sandy is like my personal consultant because every step of the way, she has been providing guidance and suggestions for me. A lot of times I ask her “What are my next steps? What questions should I ask?” Many times she gives advice on things that I would never have thought to ask, but are vital to the process. I have been in other coaching program which are based on group challenges. Sandy’s program is different in that she gives more practical step by step advice, and a ton of personal attention. Anytime I email her a contract to review, I’m always amazed at how quickly she reads over it. Thank you Sandy for not only providing such great content, but also for being my main point of contact alongside my private practice journey!."  

~Stephanie Juliet Campbell, DO, FAAD

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"I am an Orthopedic surgeon, 10 years out from fellowship, and have been employed my whole career.  At this point,  I needed guidance and encouragement to start my own solo Orthopedic Private Practice. Dr. Weitz was able to share her business wisdom and expertise in starting up a practice.  She provided expertise in constructing a pro forma, obtaining financing, and determining staffing needs.  With Dr. Weitz's help and support, I started my practice September 1, 2020.  As a female in a tough profession, she  inspired me to stay focused on the goal of building the practice and staying strong.  I have been open 3 months now and going strong!  The thought of starting a practice can be quite daunting.  I had talked to others throughout the process but always found myself leaning in to hear Dr. Weitz's advice.  She created a confidential and trustworthy environment. Dr. Weitz eased my concerns and was an amazing mentor and guide through the process."  

~Allison Wade MD

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"Using Dr Weitz guidance, I have been able to establish a well-run practice form the ground up. My practice continues to grow and now employs 2 providers and 6 staff. Dr Weitz was able to provide essential information vital to establishing and operating my own practice. She provided the knowledge and support in areas such as developing a business plan, management and staffing that are not taught in medical school.

The freedom my own practice provides me from corporate medicine has brought me a new level of fulfillment with my job. If there is one thing, I would impart to other physicians would be the freedom and fulfillment owning your own practice provides. You do not need to feel like “a cog in the machine”.  Get more joy from you job-get your own practice."

~ Steve McDaniel M.D.



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