Do you want to control how you practice medicine?

And make more money doing it?


Practice medicine the way that you want while maximizing your income potential.



so you can practice medicine on your terms


Are you an employed physician who: 

  • is frustrated by your lack of autonomy 

  • feels that you work too hard for someone else

  • isn't making enough money

Then you have already figured out that you need to start your own practice.


But while starting your own practice can be exciting, it can also be scary and overwhelming. I know because I've been there. I started my own practice and grew it to 11 providers. And so can you!

By the end of this program you'll be able to ...

  • Analyze where is the best opportunity to launch your new practice
  • Develop a business plan complete with financial projections
  • Implement the plan and launch your successful private practice
  • Have a roadmap for expanding and leveraging your practice into multiple additional revenue streams
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Here's what you will learn in ten modules

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The Opportunity

  • Identify your practice goals

  • Get the tools to assess practice opportunities

  • Determine where the best opportunities are

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Practice Structure

  • Which business (LLC vs. S-corp) structure is best for you 

  • How to form your new business

  • Develop your operating agreement or by-laws

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Money 101

  • Best strategies for deciding whether to take insurance

  • Credentialing and contracting made easy

  • Construct your fee schedule

  • Tips for negotiating your best contracts

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Your Office Space

  • Determine the best location for your practice

  • How much space you need

  • How to negotiate your lease

  • What furniture and equipment you need

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Human Resources

  • Determine your staffing needs

  • How to hire staff

  • How to retain staff

  • Compliance requirements

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Marketing Your Practice

  • How to get (more) referrals

  • Marketing strategies that don't break the bank

  • How to retain patients

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Billing and Coding 411

  • How to choose between in-house and outsourced billing

  • Choosing EMR and billing software

  • Strategies to improve your payor mix

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Revenue and Expenses

  • How to project revenue including your ramp up 

  • Your start up expenses 

  • Capital Expenditures (big ticket items)

  • Operating Expenses

Your Practice Finances

  • Generate your financial projections

  • Determine how much start up money you need 

  • Write your business plan

  • How and where to obtain financing

Growing Your Practice

  • When to open a satellite office

  • When to bring on additional providers

  • Easy to implement leveraging opportunities to generate more money 

When you enroll during this limited time, you'll get:

How To Start Your Own Private Practice

($10,000 value)

✔  10 Modules

  35 videos 

12 week course

 Lifetime access to the course including all the training materials and videos within the member's portal. All updates to the program are included. 


This step-by-step process takes your dream and make it a successful reality


Your Instructor, Dr. Weitz

After my anesthesia residency and pain management fellowship at UCSF, I stayed on faculty for 5 years. But between the pay cuts and the high cost of living, it became apparent that something needed to change. 

We moved to Louisiana and I joined an anesthesia group that said they needed a pain management specialist. It didn't take me long to figure out that our objectives were not aligned. So I decided to take the leap and start my own practice. 

My practice grew to 11 providers. I built a 25,000 sq ft medical office building. And then added multiple services and businesses including a multispecialty ambulatory surgery center, anesthesia company, PT, Imaging Center, psychological services, lab services and more.

Since selling my medical businesses and retiring with 8 figures, I am teaching other physicians how to achieve their own financial success.

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"Using Dr Weitz guidance, I have been able to establish a well-run practice form the ground up. My practice continues to grow and now employs 2 providers and 6 staff. Dr Weitz was able to provide essential information vital to establishing and operating my own practice. She provided the knowledge and support in areas such as developing a business plan, management and staffing that are not taught in medical school.

The freedom my own practice provides me from corporate medicine has brought me a new level of fulfillment with my job. If there is one thing, I would impart to other physicians would be the freedom and fulfillment owning your own practice provides. You do not need to feel like “a cog in the machine”.  Get more joy from you job-get your own practice."

~ Steve McDaniel M.D.


"I am an Orthopedic surgeon, 10 years out from fellowship, and have been employed my whole career.  At this point,  I needed guidance and encouragement to start my own solo Orthopedic Private Practice. Dr. Weitz was able to share her business wisdom and expertise in starting up a practice.  She provided expertise in constructing a pro forma, obtaining financing, and determining staffing needs.  With Dr. Weitz's help and support, I started my practice September 1, 2020.  As a female in a tough profession, she  inspired me to stay focused on the goal of building the practice and staying strong.  I have been open 3 months now and going strong!  The thought of starting a practice can be quite daunting.  I had talked to others throughout the process but always found myself leaning in to hear Dr. Weitz's advice.  She created a confidential and trustworthy environment. Dr. Weitz eased my concerns and was an amazing mentor and guide through the process."  

~Allison Wade MD