How To Start Your Private Medical Practice Cheat Sheet

Want to start your own practice but have no idea where to start? 

This Cheat Sheet gives you the necessary steps to get your private practice started


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Here is what's inside

  • How to define what YOU want out of your ideal private practice.

  • The fundamentals of insurance company credentialing and contracting that every new private practice owner needs to know.

  • And, the key steps you need to know-from setting up the business entity to your grand opening!


"Using Dr Weitz guidance, I have been able to establish a well-run practice form the ground up. My practice continues to grow and now employs 2 providers and 6 staff. Dr Weitz was able to provide essential information vital to establishing and operating my own practice. She provided the knowledge and support in areas such as developing a business plan, management and staffing that are not taught in medical school. The freedom my own practice provides me from corporate medicine has brought me a new level of fulfillment with my job. If there is one thing, I would impart to other physicians would be the freedom and fulfillment owning your own practice provides. You do not need to feel like “a cog in the machine”. Get more joy from you job-get your own practice."

Steve McDaniel MD

Do you want to start your own private practice but don't know where to start?

I know that getting your private practice started can be VERY scary. And overwhelming. The business of medicine is not something you learn in medical school. But my free How to Start Your Private Practice Cheat Sheet will empower you with the tools you need to take action and start YOUR own practice.


A Note from Dr. Weitz...

I started my own private practice and  grew it to 11 providers. How did I do it? By breaking the process down into manageable pieces. I developed this cheat sheet to help you get your private practice started. - Sandy Weitz

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